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Procedure for arriving at the Studio for classes


In order to adhere to social distancing please abide by the following instructions when arriving for a class.


The green room will not be open for changing so please arrive dressed for your class, there is a shelving unit provided for you to put your outdoor shoes in. Toilet facilities are available if needed but we ask that you avoid using them if possible.


  • Please arrive at the studio no earlier than 10 minutes before your class

  • We ask that everyone enter the building one by one.

  • Please use the hand sanitiser by the door.

  • When you arrive, before entering the building, please check to see that the corridor is clear.

  • When the corridor is clear you may enter the building and proceed to the 1st marker.

  • Then continue to the 2nd marker just inside the studio only when the marker is clear.

  • You will see the shoe unit to your right, please take it in turns to change your shoes and then proceed to the dance floor.


For ballet class the barres will be arranged around the perimeter of the dance floor. Please proceed to a barre and remain within the taped area throughout the class, this is to ensure social distancing.  Please be aware that some people may be facing sideways for barre work, your teacher will move around the class to ensure that everyone can see her when needed. For contemporary class your teacher will direct you to your dance space.


At the end of the class you will be asked to leave one by one to avoid any congestion at the shoe unit or in the corridor.

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