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how to use zoom

Joining a Zoom Class of Silver Swans

All you need to join is access to the internet, an iPad, laptop, computer or phone. If you are using a phone you will need to download the Zoom app. On an iPad or computer, the link you are sent will take you directly to Zoom.

Once you have booked the class you will be sent a link to access the class that looks like this –


Thanks for booking! You’re all set now. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

Here are the details:
Online Silver Swans with Sue McGovern
When: Tuesday, 10 November 2020 09:15 GMT
Where: Online Session
Video Conference: Join Zoom Meeting
Price: £5.00
Total Due: £0.00
Phone: 01373 462168


You will need to go online just before the class starts, I suggest at about 9am, and click on the link in your email ‘Join Zoom Meeting’ which will take you to Zoom. 


You may see a dialogue box saying you are in the ‘Waiting Room’.  This is just a safeguard to make sure no-one who is not expected can access the session.  The Host will admit you and at this point you will join the session and see multiple windows of all the participants.


You can choose to join with video (so Sue can see you) or without video. You may be asked to mute your sound so that there is less distraction from background noise & so that everyone can hear Sue.


Once you are in the session:

You should be able to see and hear Sue who will lead the session.

There are a series of buttons in Zoom which you may need to use.  On a laptop they are at the foot of the screen and on an iPad they are at the top.  In both cases they will disappear if not used for a while, just move the mouse or touch the screen and they will appear.

  • You can turn your camera on and off by using the Video button.

  • You can turn your microphone on and off by using the Mute button.

  • It is most likely that you want your Video ON and your Microphone OFF (known as muted).

  • This way you can be seen by Sue as she leads the session, but no-one will be able to hear you.

  • Unmute only if you need to speak to Sue.

Using the control buttons, you can switch between Gallery View and Speaker View.

  • Gallery means you and everyone else will be a small window on the screen,

  • Speaker View means the screen is mostly taken up with the person who is speaking.  This format is best as Sue will be speaking most of the time, and you will have a clearer image of the exercises.

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